Papers in the Post

Communicating through letters / Talking through screens

What can you say in a letter which you cannot with the screen? What role might letter writing have in the construction of community in the 2020s? The Queer Correspondence initiative proves the importance of thinking about how the ways we chose to communicate digitally are shaping the sorts of group relations we are building.

Postal Connections

Online delivery services have been an essential lifeline for many: a stream of groceries, household items, daily essentials, the occasional takeaway flow through the letterbox.

But the post has also become a way to socialise and materially connect with one another from a distance.

We want to create an online archive of people’s use of the post this lockdown, with a particular focus on how it has been used to stay in touch with one another. Contribute to the archive by sending in pictures of joy which others have brought to you through the post.

click here or on the image above to view the rolling archive

You are also welcome (and encouraged!) to send in an explanation of details such as who the post is from, your relationships with them, a description of what you received and how it made you feel, and even a description of how it was delivered to you and whether you had any interaction with the deliverer. What part would you like your submission to plan in the archive?

Anonymous submissions are also welcomed.

Upload submissions by clicking on this link or by emailing