The idea for the Experiments had come out a conversation we had had whilst picnicking together at the end of a summer which had, for the most part, generously allowed for a relatively normal level of social interactions with friends and family.

But we both noticed a distinct lack of chance and spontaneity in our summers: COVID had created a climate in which one found it hard to travel and explore on a whim, let alone create and share ideas with new groups of people. The electric mix of socialising and creating was pushed aside by the pandemic.

So, we posed ourselves a challenge as we talked: how could we recreate this type of social, creative meeting, even within the bounds of the rules which now govern our lives?

Experiment No. 1

The theme of our first experiment was: The Rules. In an invitation sent out beforehand to the participants, we asked everyone to think about the visual reminders of of social distancing guidelines which now plaster the walls and floors wherever we go.

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Experiment No. 2

An exploration of Cambridge through the phone screen (and Julia’s IRL body). Click here to read.

Experiment No. 3

A walk with friends and a continuation of the leaning Tower of Pisa poses. Click here to view.

Experiment No. 4

A walking pub trip through lockdown London 2.0. Click here to read more.