Experiment No. 3


Three of us went on a walk along the Parkland Walk, which follows the former route of an old railway line running from Finsbury Park to Alexandra Palace in north London.

Along the way, we saw houses and back gardens peeking through the trees which surround the narrow path of the Walk: occasionally, when we crossed over the bridges which used to carry trains over roads, we would see views over the center of the city, over rooftops and schools and high streets.

As we walked, we talked about various things including how much we miss parties and university life and the freedom that existed pre-COVID. We made plans to watch the sunrise from Primrose Hill, and to go to a pub one day to remember what being really, carefree drunk felt like.

Here are some photos we took along the walk. They follow on from the playful Leaning Tower of Pisa photographs taken during the first experiment … did we ever think that this much-parodied, silly pose would take on the slightest tinge of seriousness at any point in our lives?

Julia Lasica. With thanks to Rachel and Anna.