In Conversation: God and Podcasts

‘I’m not just an individual but I belong to all of the Church, to all of these people who are listening’

Click here to read our interview with Sofia Carozza on what happens when faith and the medium of a podcast are joined.

In Conversation: Folk Songs in 2021

‘I think of it like this – if you took a Britney Spears track and played a game of Chinese whispers with it that lasted twenty years till it became so misremembered, that it turned into something completely different, you would end up with a folk song.’

Click here to read our interview with Benedict Mulcare on folk songs and what they can offer to the ways in which we live. Art: Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Children’s Games (1560).

In Conversation: Faith during the Pandemic

‘We’re still here. We’re still in this together. We believe on some level that God hasn’t abandoned us, even if it can feel to the contrary sometimes. But nevertheless, there’s more to be explored. How are we going to do that together?’

Click here to read about Fr Chase Pepper’s experience helping to guide a Catholic community through the pandemic, and what the future might look like.

The Microscope Sessions: Re-imagining Painting

‘Paintings and relationships. Two things which I have always assumed need physical as opposed to digital space and two things I have missed deeply over the last year of reduced contact. Rhiannon Armstrong and Tim Spooner’s live performance made me rethink the ways both can come to life on the screen’ – click here to read.

In Conversation: Pandemic Architecture

An interview with Joanna Lake, a recent architecture graduate, about how our relationships with buildings and spaces, especially those which are public, have changed during the pandemic. Click here to read about windows, libraries, streets, and visions for the future.

The Lull of the In-Between, Julia Lasica

A discovery made whilst walking along the Pilgrim’s Way, a re-appreciation of the in-between, and lessons for how to deal with the oddity of pandemic-skewed time – click here to read Julia’s piece on pilgrimage during a pandemic.

A Book of Mundanity, Aparna Mitra

Click here or on the image to view Aparna Mitra’s beautiful and thoughtful book of drawings on the subject of boredom in lockdown.

Reflections on 2020: Time, Songs, Death, and Prayer, Julia Lasica

Finding company in prayers, songs, stories, and paths: how some coped with the ups and downs of 2020.

Click here to read

Imaginary Travel, Julia Lasica

I wasn’t able to return to my motherland, Ukraine, this year, trapped and restricted in my movements as so many others were by the pandemic. But as the song came together with the whirl of renewing green life around me, I travelled back for the duration of the song to the land I sung of, to the land I had sung in.

Click here to watch the video and read more

Wednesday, Rose Morley

1s, walls, windows, beetles, butterflies: read and listen to Rose Morley’s poem, ‘Wednesday’ by clicking on this link.

News in the Time of Corona, Lauryn Anderson

Tech: Woman falls out of car window while filming Snapchat video on M25. Who can be in my bubble? What are the rules on socialising? What are the rules for meeting my friends? Sport: Pitch-invading alpaca disrupts football match… 

Lauryn Anderson’s prose poem made up entirely of newspaper headlines from 20.09.20. Click here to read

Manchester in Limbo, Olivia Lasica

For the past week in Manchester, there has been huge uncertainty. Boris Johnson and his government have been arguing each day with Andy Burnham through newspaper headlines, as they attempt to move the city into tier 3 restrictions.

Olivia Lasica writes about 20.10.2020 from her perspective as a student. Click here to read more

World Through A Screen, Anna Curzon Price

Here is my cardboard computer. It is my magic device. Through this little shiny, impenetrable panel screen I explore the world, access new ideas, experience new sites.

Anna Curzon Price documents the cardboard computer she made during lockdown. Click here to continue reading and view the computer

On Touch – Video Response, Julia Lasica

To touch – an act increasingly elusive. We are made aware of the virus we may pick up each time our fingers or hands, elbows and clothes come into contact with another surface. Public health information videos highlight areas touched by infection in red.

Julia Lasica’s visual and written response on the topic of touch. Click here to view the video and and continue reading.