Imaginary Travel

I put together this video during the first lockdown, early 2020. The music is a recording I took in my grandmother’s kitchen in Kyiv, Ukraine last summer: in it, my aunt, sister and I sing a song about Spring which my aunt had taught us that holiday. The images in the video come from the woods my family and I walked through during the first lockdown near to our home in London.

Inspired by the words I sung once in my grandmother’s kitchen on a hot summer evening, I sought out the song’s joyful, celebratory liveliness in the spring scenes around me. I wasn’t able to return to my motherland, Ukraine, this year, trapped and restricted in my movements as so many others were by the pandemic. But as the song came together with the whirl of renewing green life around me, I travelled back for the duration of the song to the land I sung of, to the land I had sung in.

by Julia Lasica